Midwife Care

As a midwife I am a maternity care professional. I provide total primary care to women during pregnancy, labour, birth and the post delivery period.

I've developed expert skills in many of the facets of midwifery care. It's partly an art as well as a science; you need to be sensitive and respectful of the needs of a women, and you need to combine this need with the science and knowledge of medicine. I err on the side of being conservative in the management of any "problems"; I want to continue to have a clear conscious that I will support a safe and healthy delivery of a well baby.

Fundamental to the care you will receive with me is my commitment that you have my respect and support, and that while we work in partnership you will give birth safely, with confidence and dignity. My focus is on the optimum physical, emotional and psychological well-being of both mothers and their newborns.

I love my work and care deeply about your health and well being . Normal birth, informed decision making, safety, one on one support and building trusting relationships are the principles that guide my practice. I really enjoy meeting with growing families and developing a strong trusting relationship. My antenatal appointments and home-based post delivery checkups offer ample time to discuss your well being.

As a midwife I am formally trained and fully integrated primary healthcare professional who provide comprehensive care to women during pregnancy, labour and birth, and the first six weeks post delivery. Around the world most babies are born into the hands of capable midwives. The term ‘Registered Midwife’ is a protected title and indicates that I have met the standards to register with the NZ College of Midwives, and that I maintains my status through ongoing re certification and training. In NZ, an independent midwife is also referred as an LMC (Lead Maternity Carer).