About Valerie

Hi !!

Well....about me? First, let me tell you how it all started....how I became a midwife....It's a funny story....

I was working as registered nurse and was on shift in a surgical ward which was just a corridor away from the maternity ward. I often used to sneak in there...ostensibly to borrow equipment but really what I wanted to do was to peer through the nursery window at the newborns. I pestered the staff with questions: What did midwives actually do ?... What was it like to deliver a baby ?.....etc etc. In the end my enthusiastic interest landed me in a labour room with a labouring lady - just in the capacity of an observer....or so I thought (!). The midwife looking after the couple left the room just for a few minutes... The lady had a contraction and looked at me and asked “can I push?" She must have taken my bewildered mutterings of "errrr...ummmm....errrrr...ahhhhh " to mean "YES"... Because the next thing I knew there was a head of a baby visible...and his body was emerging ... And my hands were right there safely helping him out. The midwife quickly returned (I believe I can cheerfully confess that she must have heard me calling "help" as well as a few naughty words...). That poor midwife got into awful trouble for leaving the room which resulted in me delivering the baby, but the parents were delighted.

And as for me? Well, I was totally and absolutely hooked! I danced down the corridor back to my ward..and was on a high that lasted days....and so I applied for my midwifery training!

This happened well over 20 years ago.

I completed my Midwife training in 1991 at a large Brisbane Hospital (none of this university training for me; hands on training is so much better!). Since then I have basically only had a couple of months off 'extra" when I had my two daughters, and when I moved countries to NZ in 2008!! So essentially - despite children and life in general intervening - I have spent my most of my working life devoted to maternity care.

As to my character? I'm fun, positive, cheerful, cheeky and I smile a lot!

The wall above my desk is full of photos of "my" babies, and the thank you cards from the parents I have looked after. I think I must be doing something right to receive such positive praise from hundreds of couples!

I couldn't wish for a better job. I love it!! Even after all these years I still get teary when I deliver a baby. It's pure magic.