Quality and safe care given by an experienced friendly midwife

As a Registered Nurse as well as a Midwife for over 24 years, I have a depth and range of experience that enables me to provide you with excellent care.

CALL ME TODAY I look forward to meeting with you and your loved ones as you begin the amazing journey of pregnancy, birth and parenthood.


What I do

As a midwife I am a maternity care professional. I provide total primary care to Christchurch women during pregnancy, labour, birth and the post delivery period. Fundamental to the care you will receive with me is my commitment that you have my respect and support, and that while we work in partnership you will give birth safely, with confidence and dignity.


About Valerie

I'm fun, positive, cheerful, cheeky and I smile a lot! The wall above my desk is full of photos of "my" babies, and thank-you cards from the parents I have looked after. I think I must be doing something right to receive such positive praise from hundreds of couples! I couldn't wish for a better job. I love it!! It's pure magic.

FAQs & Resources

What exactly is a midwife?

What is your due date?

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Have you got "morning" sickness? Find out about strategies to lessen this!

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"Absolutely wonderful - warm, caring, friendly and always going the extra step. Valerie you are just magical and amazing"

"Valerie's service was outstanding. I would recommend her to all other mum's-to-be"

"Valerie you were the best help and I will be forever grateful for the positive and wonderful experience you gave us!"